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Prof. Muhammad Imran has an extensive experience of working in the environment of gastroenterology and hepatology in various health institutions of Lahore. Currently he is Dean and Professor of medicine at services institute of medical sciences and in charge of liver clinic services hospital, Lahore. His vast experience in dealing with these patients means that you are in competent and reliable hands where all your relevant medical needs can be adequately fulfilled.

Prof. Dr. Muhammad Imran

Gastro Hepatitis Specialist

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Using endoscopy we can have a visual inspection of upper and lower gut skin. If required a piece of skin from these organs can be taken for testing. Some treatment procedures can also be done using endoscopes. Depending upon the type of test required, these procedures can be done in conscious patients or if required short acting general anesthesia can be given.



Gastroscopy is used to have a visual inspection of food pipe, stomach and first portion of small intestine using flexible video gastroscopes. The patient is instructed to take nothing form mouth for six hour before the procedure. A throat spray or gargles is given with a medicine to anesthetize the throat. The patient is asked to swallow the camera and the inspection procedure is usually completed in 3-4 minutes. It may take a litter longer if any further procedure is required. This can generally be anticipated and patient can be sedated with an intravenous drug. In which case patient should be accompanied be someone as the patient needs to be observed for a couple of hours and patient cannot drive.


Colonoscopy is used to inspect for the disease of large intestine. The patient is by allowing some foods without any fiber and is advised certain medicines 36 hours before the procedure. The procedure is generally done under general anesthesia. If only sigmoid colon (lower portion of large gut) needs to be examined, patient may not require anesthesia. Few procedures like removal of polyps and dilatation of tight areas can be done with colonoscopies in addition to their diagnostic role.


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